Okay, so how do we build something that can deliver the kind of service for our future participants that achieves our vision:

To provide high quality and accessible LIVE online professional development to the global field of eyecare.

Well, it looked simple enough, then the enormity of the task ahead of us started to become more obvious. Each day, we came across something else that we would need to do. Writing the Master Plan had been a long and detailed process, but once we had completed it. Things started to look a bit clearer.

It’s always the case with a big idea. It is made up of lots of small ideas, which are in turn made up of lots of practical steps. When you achieve one of these steps, you move a little closer to your goal. We had to just continue to do them.

We had left our jobs and were risking some considerable investment to get this up and running and were hoping that we would be able to work with all kinds of partners to make this work globally.

We started with a virtual office and lots of planning video calls. Then we took the first steps of the legal establishment of our company, then planning of the branding and the website. in addition to this, preparation for future financial management and the legal preparation of various contracts.  With these initial steps, we start using the budget as of course experts are required for these areas, We are funding this whole project by ourselves at this stage, such is our belief in the concept, so we are determined to do it in the best way possible for our future customers.

Watch this space for our regular news blogs about our journey from a white piece of paper to launching our 2019  WEBINEYES Global Conference later this year.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas, speaker suggestions or potential partner or sponsor interest.