Whilst mental health issues become more transparent, our culture of working continue to generate ‘Badges of Honour’ that negate wellbeing. Explore how to counter these via ‘The Resilient Way’, the answer to achieving both performance and wellbeing.

This thought provoking and active session will explore the cultural norms within organisations such as long working hours, being ‘tough, and chasing control, and how these counter wellbeing and performance. The alternative, ‘The Resilient Way’, offers both high performance and wellbeing, both without compromise.

Learn the first steps on the path of  ‘The Resilient Way’  through the lens of the Resilience Dynamic®, the Resilience Engine’s first and foremost research model that explains what resilience, how it acts as a buffer to stress, and the keys to enabling it for yourself.



Nov 11 2019
8:00 pm

webineyes speaker Jenny Cambell
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Jenny Campbell

Jenny is a senior executive coach and resilience researcher, operating across the UK and internationally. […]