My goal with this presentation is to connect, or reconnect you, to your Eye Care Professional reason WHY.

I want to do this by sharing my own WHY with you and encouraging you to dig deep. Do you remember what sparked your curiosity and lead you down the path you are on now?

Our profession is changing rapidly, and we need to align our values to maintain growth and success. When we are connected as Eye Care Professionals to WHY we do what we do — our clients, patients, receive the best possible service. With the power of the internet and social media, consumers are tuned into technology more than ever before. They are able to educate themselves and form an opinion on you and your business, before ever having a conversation with you.

Let’s consider some current trends affecting our industry. For example, the ‘self care’ movement sweeping the globe right now. How can you harness it to drive the growth and success of your business? I’ll share how you can speak powerfully to your clients about your products and services, and why that even matters. How can you set yourself up in your community to collaborate with other ECPs and ensure your clients are well taken care of? I’ll illustrate the delicate balance between health care and retail…when done with excellence, it’s pure magic!

Although your WHY may not be the same as mine or your colleagues, I hope to inspire a conversation that will connect us all in our mission to help others see, look and feel their best!


Nov 29 2019
8:00 pm

webineyes speaker Lindsay Terry
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Lindsay Terry

My name is Lindsay Terry, and this is my 10th anniversary in the British Columbia […]

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