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What does my Webineyes Pass include?

  • Participate in up to 20 Recorded Lectures
  • Powerpoint PDFs
  • Downloadable Certificates
  • Continuing Education points*
  • Access until 28th February 2020



View our Recorded Lectures and gain your CET points by buying our Webineyes Pass and access up to 20 Recorded Lectures until the end of February 2020…that’s up to twenty-five hours of Education. Our Lectures are in English and  presented by an experienced professional, with valuable information, experience and practical tips.

From your My Account page you can select the Recorded Lectures that you wish to view. When you register on an on demand webinar, you will receive a personalised link by email. You may view these recordings anytime and as many times as you like.

How does it work?

  • Buy your Webineyes Pass
  • Log into your account
  • Register anytime on each lecture you wish to view
  • Receive your link within each confirmation mail
  • Click the link to join


Continuing Education Points 

*Approved CET points are available for our Recorded Webinars.

  • UK Optometrists – 15
  • UK Dispensing Opticians – 10
  • UK Contact Lens Opticians – 8
  • Norwegian Optometrists – 12
  • Finnish Optometrists – 15
  • South African Optometrists – 12
  • Danish Optometrists – 12


Each lecture is around 75 minutes long and contains a Presentation and recorded Question and Answer session (questions were taken during the LIVE lectures from those added by participants into the Q&A box and answered by the Presenter). There is also an opportunity to take a short online learning support quiz. Our quizzes help you to recap learning points. You will receive a Certificate after watching the recording and successfully completing the quiz. You will find the specific CET approval and competence information information for each lecture on the Recorded Lecture Page.

To provide you with great learning opportunities, in addition to clinical and technical topics, we also select presenters that provide you with education on other topics such as telemedicine, optical management and practice marketing.

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