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Hernâni Lopes Pereira

Hernâni Lopes Pereira is a Contact Lens Specialist and Trainer and an optometrist with an uncompromising passion for perfection, quality and innovation in all aspects of the ophthalmic industry.

He entered the ophthalmic branch in 1982 as Optical Dispenser and later he began to adapt RGP contact lenses. In the fall of 1986, he entered the adventure and left his country to go to Switzerland, where he developed, among other skills, a taste for German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swiss German languages. Later he worked in an optician in Lausanne, where for family reasons he returns to Portugal in 1993. In April 1995, he opened his first optic store where he still works as Technical Director and Optometrist. In 2011 he opened HiT OTiCA –Centro Avançado de Cuidados Visuais (Advanced Center for Visual Care).

He is a Certified Optician, Diploma in Optometry, Expert Certificate in Myopia Control with Hydrophilic Contact Lenses, RGP and Orto-K, Bachelor’s Degree in Optic and Optometry, Trainer and e-Trainer in Moodle environment and e-Learning system. He always had a special interest and passion for Contact Lenses fitting and Myopia Control and enjoys transferring his knowledge to other colleges and students.


webineyes Hernani Pereira
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Nov 19 2019 6 pm GMT

Contact Lenses, Dispensing, Optometry

CET Recorded Lecture: Myopia Control

Presented by Hernâni Lopes Pereira

Webineyes Pass Holders may register on the webinar to access the recorded lecture on-demand. After registration, […]