Frequently Asked Questions

Webineyes is a provider of LIVE and Recorded Lectures. We host LIVE events and also provide recorded lectures from recent LIVE events. There is a selection of topics, with presenters from around the world. All topics are designed to support Eyecare Professionals within a selection of categories. These categories are viewable within the Events page and you can also read about the individual Presenters and their content. When you buy your Webineyes Pass, you can participate in the LIVE webinars, watch the recordings, or both. CET points are available for some countries, including the UK, Norway, Denmark, Finland and South Africa.

You can find these within the Conference Page where they are listed in date order. Each webinar page contains information about the webinar content, the presenter and the availability of CET points. Recorded lectures are available when there are no current LIVE events.

There are two ways to access our webinars:

1) You can buy a Conference Pass by going to the Book Webinars page and pressing the button to Buy Conference Pass and follow the instructions. You can also navigate there by clicking on the page title Book Webinars at the top of the site. The Conference Pass provides you with access to all of the Conference LIVE webinars, Recordings and Powerpoint PDFs (within 3 months of the LIVE event).

2) You can also join any of our webinars individually by going to our Eventbrite page: where you can purchase  access to individual webinars (LIVE and Recorded) for 9.99€ each. No other resources are included.

There are two ways of booking onto either a LIVE or Recorded webinar.

1) In our website, log into My Account using your username and password. (If you do not yet have an account, you will need to buy your Webineyes Pass first.

Next, having logged in, navigate to the Events page and register on each webinar that you wish to join, using the Register button (you can also do this within your account dashboard if wished). This will transfer you to Zoom, the webinar platform which will then register you onto the webinar event and provide your joining email link.

Zoom will send you an email containing your personalised link and everything you need to know in order to join on the day/time of the webinar (it will also send you a reminder one hour beforehand). We also advise you to use the option within that email to add to my calendar (popular calendar options available include Google and Outlook). If wished, you can also add favourites to your account from the Events Page.

2) If you book with our Eventbrite service for individual webinars, you will automatically receive your personalised Zoom link and a reminder one hour before the webinar. Please be sure to add to your calendar in your own timezone. 

All LIVE webinars commence at 20:00pm Helsinki time which is 19:00 Central European time and 18:00pm UK time. You may check the time in your own country and/or state by selecting your country from the Timezone widget within the Conference page, then all webinars will display in your own timezone. Recorded lectures (webinars) may be viewed at anytime.

You can select to see the final price in your currency when you are purchase your Conference Pass. We provide the prices in Euros, USD and GBP as commonly used international currencies. Simply click the buttons next to the price on the Conference Pass Page.

On your behalf, Webineyes needs to be able to provide a clear audit trail of your participation in case you apply for continued education points. From time to time, an approving association may ask for our evidence that you have fully participated in a webinar from start to end. Therefore, we can prove your purchase of an event pass, registration on specific webinar(s), attendance in specific webinar(s) (start, duration and end). This supports your CET/CE application. In any event, it allows us to provide you with a personalised certificate.

For individual webinars hosted on the Eventbrite platfrom, this is not necessary. As you will participate in the webinar only, without other resources, then the Zoom link arrives immediately upon registration.

You may join with or without these as you will not be required to speak. Listening may be done using these the speakers of your device. However, if you are in a noisy environment, headphones will greatly improve your experience.

Yes, you can. Although due to smartphone functionality and screen size, you may not be able to take full benefits from the session. Our recommendation is to use a laptop or standalone device where possible or if not, a tablet computer.

We recommend that you are present 10 minutes before the webinar is due to start and check:

  • Your internet connection is working (if this is a problem, then your smartphone hotspot may be able to replace it – note, you may incur a charge by your provider)
  • You are in a quiet place (if not, you may wish to use headphones)
  • You have access to your joining link within your email (note that a reminder email will be sent one hour before the webinar starts)
  • Click the link when ready and the host will invite you to join, when the webinar is ready to start (it doesn’t matter if you do it too early)

Our LIVE webinars are LIVE classroom sessions and you will gain maximum benefit from participating fully from the start until the end.

Recorded lectures (webinars) may be watched at anytime.

To be able to apply for interactive continuous education points (CET / CE) you are required to participate from start until the end. Webineyes may also be required to report on your participation to your points-approving associations.

However, if you do have a problem, then the learning opportunity still remains, as we provide you with the recording and powerpoint for 3 months after the webinar ends. You can still then earn CET points from watching the recordings. 

You will find these materials under a Resources section within the Conference page, by clicking, Read More to access the relevant webinar’s details. The Resources section will usually appear within 24 hours of the webinar taking place.

We encourage participants to contribute comments, questions and additional information (also relevant website links) and perspectives during the webinar. You may do this within the Q&A box by typing into it. There is no requirement to do this (nor by any continued education points awarding association) if you do not wish to do so. Recorded Lectures (webinars) do not have interaction. 

We operate a continuing professional and personal education service and provide many webinars that attract CET points. We also provide other valuable personal development webinars which may not be applicable for points but have been selected for their value for Eyecare Professionals.

Selected webinars in selected countries are approved for continued education points, depending upon your professional role. You can see the availability of CET points that have either been approved or have an application in progress, within the description page of each webinar. You can see this by pressing the Read More button on each webinar summary within the Conference page. We also provide the expected points for each country on the Book Webinars page.

We gain pre-approval for these points and provide you with a link to an optional quiz to support your learning, at the end of the webinar. If you require CET, you should take the quiz. Successful completion of the quiz will result in the provision of a downloadable certificate. You may attempt the quiz as many times as you wish. We will then provide your name and CET completion pass to your governing association eg GOC in the UK.

If you wish to apply for CET points (whether interactive or general), you must participate in the LIVE or Recorded webinar from beginning to end. 

Some webinar topics are relevant for specific professions and some offer wider accreditation. The application and pre-approval of points depend upon the presenter, subject matter, content and country approving association. If a webinar is accredited for CET in your country and there is an appropriate system for this (such as in the UK), we will upload the participant list to your governing association, within 10 days of the event.

If Webineyes is not yet offering CET/CE points for your country and/or profession, please email us at and we will discuss this opportunity with you for potential future inclusion. You may even wish to become an Ambassador for your country and help us to make it happen!

Any presenter, whether an expert or new talent can be considered to join the Webineyes presenting team. They must have at least one specialist topic which is valuable for our Eyecare Professional participants. If their session is clinical or optical, it should be accreditable for continued education (we help with this application and may pay the relevant fees). They should also be able to confidently present (we also provide training specifically for webinar). We pay all presenters a fee, however, they must be prepared to fit into our model of providing great value for our participants. If there are specific presenters (or topics) that you wish to see within our events, please send us their details or request them to contact Webineyes directly. We also actively encourage new talent, so perhaps the next presenter could be you?

Contact us at and we will be happy to help you.