About Us

Webineyes is an independent company, dedicated to providing accessible online LIVE education for eyecare professionals.

Our mission is to support you in the delivery of outstanding service to your patients and customers.

Education should be easy and accessible, our concept is designed with our users in mind. We all know that education is essential but it can also be expensive, so our service provides you with great value, zero travel and less time out of the business.

And our service causes
virtually no impact on our environment

Our Vision and Values

We are a small team with big plans, driven by our vision:

To provide high quality and accessible LIVE online professional development to the global field of eyecare.

We wake up in the morning thinking about our:

  • Participants
  • Education
  • Accessibility
  • Value
  • Environment

The Story so far

During 2016, whilst in optical retail learning and development, we became aware of the growing cost of delivering education across Europe, not just in terms of travel costs, hotels and time out of the business but also to the environment. Great technology was already available to provide LIVE online education, so we searched out the best in class who were already making good use of it. We found companies offering online language training were particularly skilled at this and joined one of these companies to learn how it was done. We then spent time during evenings and weekends, delivering LIVE online English training to students across Asia.

In 2017, we decided that this was a golden opportunity to support our optical store owners and teams. After piloting in Finland, we launched a “virtual classroom” offer in the company, which provided training to support key business objectives. There were clear savings and our feedback was that our participants loved the experience. As a result, we expanded the training offer and by 2018, many trainers were actively using it as an effective training tool within their toolbox.

However, it was obvious to us that LIVE online learning had huge potential beyond our current focus and that we had the possibility in our hands to grow a global company with virtually no carbon footprint. We also wanted to expand it to deliver more value with trainers who were passionate about this type of training to participants that were equally passionate about learning.

Therefore, in 2019, we decided that we could use the available technology to provide accessible LIVE online learning to the global eyecare field. We left our jobs and established webineyes. We are an independent online education company, with a passion for LIVE learning and delivering value to our participants, presenters, partners and our environment. Our first events will take place in 2019.